We understand your time is precious and life can be busy, so if you can’t make the time to visit us, you don’t have to!

For busy people on the go, we use Dental Monitoring, an easy to use app that allows us to monitor your treatment remotely.

Fewer appointments and faster treatment time, the Dental Monitoring app allows you to receive instant feedback from Dr De Angelis on a weekly basis.

Using the most advanced technology Dental Monitoring makes orthodontic healthcare more accessible, no matter where you are or how busy your schedule is.

The benefits of dental monitoring include:

  • You can have orthodontic treatment anywhere – whether you’re working remotely, travelling or just busy!
  • Fewer visits to the orthodontic clinic
  • No disruption to your weekly routine
  • Faster treatment
  • More precise results


To get the flexibility of treatment without changing your lifestyle, sign up by following the three simple steps below:

Orthodontic treatment usually requires patients to come in for a check-up every six to eight weeks, but with dental monitoring, you’ll only need to come every three or four months throughout your treatment (or even less, in some cases).