When to Refer to an Orthodontist

Orthodontics Australia recommends children visit a specialist orthodontist for an assessment from 7 years of age.

One of the ways we determine if early orthodontic treatment is necessary is by identifying a developing malocclusion.

Appropriate early treatment lays the foundation for a healthy and well functioning mouth in adulthood.


Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Early orthodontic treatment for children aged aged 7 to 10 years at Transform Orthodontic Care can help to rectify serious bite related problems, by correcting habits (e.g. with the thumb and tongue), guiding the jaw’s growth patterns and helping make extra room in the mouth for erupting permanent teeth.

Beginning early orthodontic treatment while a child’s jaw bones are flexible makes corrective procedures faster and more effective than in teens and adults. It may also make correcting potential problems before they eventuate less complex compared to delayed treatment.

For some children, early treatment can prevent physical trauma to the protruding front teeth and reduce emotional distress. Severely crowded teeth can also impact good oral hygiene, which studies show can affect general medical well being.

When to refer to an Orthodontist including examples of Children's 'Bad Bites'