All you need to know about an Orthodontic Consultation

Dr Daniel De Angelis

An orthodontic consultation here at TOC is pretty simple and straight forward.

It involves a full sit down with Dr De Angelis and our Treatment Coordinator for a face to face consultation to see how we can help you, or your child.

What happens at the orthodontic consult?

  1. You’ll have a full consultation with Dr De Angelis and our Treatment Coordinator
  2. Our Treatment Coordinators are integral in this consultation – they help Dr De Angelis and the patient to ensure things run smoothly and ensure the patient has all of the information to make an informed decision about their treatment
  3. Dr De Angelis and his team take X-rays, digital scans and photos
  4. You’ll lie down on our dental chair so Dr De Angelis can check your teeth, your bite and your jaws. The X-rays taken help him work out the current state of your teeth and your jaw
  5. Dr De Angelis will provide advice on treatment options and timeframes
  6. Our Treatment Coordinator will provide detailed information on fees, any discounts, and what to expect
  7. If you are happy to sign on for treatment we will schedule your first appointment or you can start the same day*! (*if you wish to start treatment same day please let us know before coming in for your consultation)
  8. Our admin team will work with you to set up an interest free finance plan (if needed) and help you to access any rebates from your health care provider

What happens after the orthodontic consultation?

  1. You’ll receive a full personalised treatment plan from Dr De Angelis. He puts a custom plan together based on his expertise on how teeth must move in order to get the straightest and healthiest smile possible
  2. Our Treatment Coordinator will be there to answer any questions you might have

What else do I need to know?

  1. We are Adelaide’s leading orthodontic practice, specialising in Invisalign and Spark clear aligners, and braces.
  2. Face to face consultations with Dr De Angelis are $175, including a personalised treatment plan, X-rays, scans and photos. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, this fee is taken off the cost of the retention phase of your treatment.
  3. Our consultations are no obligation.
  4. If you have private health insurance, you might be able to claim some of the cost of your initial consult and your treatment, depending on your level of cover. Find out more here.

How do I book?

  1. New patients can book online here.
  2. Call us on 133 862 from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

I’m still not sure!

That’s OK, we understand! For some, undertaking orthodontics is a major milestone.

We’ve put together frequently asked questions to help answer some of the more common questions we get about orthodontics.

How good are you?

We think our transformed smiles speak for themselves. Check them out here.

Grace's braces transformation   Grace's braces transformation

Bec smiling with braces   Bec smiling without braces

Smile makeover by Adelaide's top orthodontist

Smile makeover by Adelaide's top orthodontist

Smile makeover by Adelaide's top orthodontist