Spark Clear Aligners

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What is Spark?

Spark clear aligners work exactly like the leading clear aligner brand on the market. They are an almost invisible clear aligner that straightens your teeth without anyone knowing.

Another Alternative to Traditional Braces

Dr De Angelis is one of only three accredited Spark providers in Australia, providing Spark clear aligners to his patients, an alternative to traditional braces.

Spark was developed with nearly 60 years of orthodontic knowledge that has been used to treat millions of patients worldwide. Manufactured by Ormco, one of the largest, most innovative orthodontic companies in the world, Spark’s standards are set high.

Spark Features

According to Spark:

  • Spark is the clearest aligner, allowing your smile to shine during treatment.*
  • The Spark aligner material may result in faster treatment goals compared to the leading aligner brand.**
  • Spark custom trays are trimmed and polished for enhanced comfort.
  • Spark is proven to provide a more comfortable, productive treatment.**
  • Spark aligners are BPA free.

* Data on file.
** Compared to aligners made with commercially available material. Data on file.

One Spark Patient’s Story

What can I expect from Spark?

  • Removable aligners means more effective brushing and flossing
  • Being almost invisible, the clear aligners are discreet meaning life can go on as normal
  • Spark is proven to keep your smile shining and minimize aligner stains**
  • Eat whatever foods you like simply by removing your aligners
  • Proven to be more efficient and effective than other aligner materials, getting your teeth to the right spot faster!*
  • Your Spark provider designs the best smile for you, resulting in clear aligners that are custom made to your teeth

* Compared to aligners made with commercially available material. Data on file. [Taken from] 
** TruGEN material stains less than other leading material. Data on file. [Taken from

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