What to Expect at Your First Orthodontic Consultation

girl walking to orthodontic appointment

By Dr Daniel De Angelis

What can you (or your child) expect at your first orthodontic consultation? We understand it might be unnerving for some so in our latest blog post we run you through exactly what is involved.

Your Orthodontic Consultation

Our initial orthodontic consultations are $175 which include a personalised treatment plan by myself as well as X-rays, scans and photos.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, the cost of the initial consult is taken off the cost of the retention phase of your treatment. If you have private health insurance, you may also be able to claim some of the cost of your initial consult, depending on your level of cover.

Initial Discussion with Myself and our Treatment Coordinator

When you come in you’ll meet with myself and one of our Treatment Coordinator’s. This is where you’ll be able to tell us what you want to achieve with your smile, and also discuss any concerns or issues you might have.

Patient chats to Treatment Coordinator

your first orthodontic consultation

I will do a facial examination and our Treatment Coordinator will make notes on the computer for your patient file.

Facial examination at the first orthodontic consultation

facial orthodontic examination

I will then talk you through the best personalised orthodontic treatment option for yourself or your child based on your needs and your (or your child’s) teeth. Treatment could include braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign or Spark.

Dr De Angelis at your first orthodontic appointment

Treatment Plan, Fees and Timeframe

After your facial examination and my treatment recommendation, our Treatment Coordinator will go through the treatment, including the cost and the expected timeframe i.e. approximately how long treatment will take.

treatment coordinator at orthodontic consultation

treatment coordinator orthodontic consultation

Our Treatment Coordinator will send you a letter after your appointment detailing all of the information relating to treatment, fees and the duration of treatment (this may not always be known at the time of your consultation).

orthodontic consultation showing Invisalign clear aligner

X-rays, Scans and Photos

Your first orthodontic consultation may also include X-rays, scans and photos. These are all taken so that I can tailor a personalised treatment plan just for you and your individual needs.


The X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool that help me work out how and where the teeth need to move in order to straighten the teeth and if needed, to correct the bite and align the jaw correctly.

orthodontic x-ray at your first appointment

An OPG (Orthopantomogram) X-ray produces a panoramic view of the jaw.

Orthodontic x-ray

A cephalogram is an X-ray of the facial structures. A lateral cephalogram produces a side profile image of the face, jaws and soft tissues to assess the relation of the teeth to the jaws, the jaws to the skull, and the relation of the soft tissues to the teeth and jaws.

orthodontic scan with the iTero scanner

Using state of the art technology, we scan your teeth using our iTero scanner to show you the ‘predicted’ end outcome of your treatment.


We take photos at your initial consultation so we have a record of your teeth before treatment.

Orthodontic photos being taken at the first appointment

Orthodontic photos during orthodontic examination

We will also take photos of your teeth including the upper and lower teeth and front on, as shown here.

At the end of your appointment, you’ll receive a TOC welcome pack, if you didn’t receive this prior to your appointment.

After your appointment

St Peters clinic reception area

After your appointment, we will send you a letter with details on your treatment and your photos too.

You might choose to go ahead with treatment on the same day – we can accomodate this if you let us know before your consultation.

Once you go ahead with your personalised treatment, you will see me at your appointments but also our professionally qualified Clinicians, and Clinical Assistants. My team and I work together to deliver your orthodontic care to get the best outcome possible.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Adelaide, you can read more about my background here or make an appointment online here! Our consultations are no obligation so there is no pressure to go ahead with treatment if you choose not to.

Making a booking is easy! You can book online anytime, at a time that suits you, or give us a call on 133 862 (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm) to arrange an appointment.

Until then,

Keep Smiling!