We show you what happens when you get your braces on

By Dr Daniel De Angelis – Adelaide’s Leading Specialist Orthodontist

Just signed on for braces and not sure what to expect? When you get your braces on we call this ‘bands on’. Typically, it takes an hour to get your new braces on. In this video, I take you through what’s involved in a typical bands on appointment.

A typical bands on appointment

  • We begin by polishing the teeth for bracket placement
  • We then insert cheek retractors to keep the mouth nice and dry
  • Following this, we prepare the teeth for brackets with special tooth soap
  • I then apply and position the brackets
  • The final step is wire placement and you’re done!
  • We also teach patients how to take scans with the Dental Monitoring app (if they choose to use Dental Monitoring)
  • Our friendly team are here to answer any questions!

What happens next?

  • Attend your regular check up appointments
  • Scan regularly into Dental Monitoring so we can keep track of your treatment progress
  • Eat soft foods such as soups, stews, pasta, yoghurt and smoothies
  • Be careful not to damage your appliances so try and avoid hard, crunchy and chewy foods
  • Wear your elastics otherwise you might delay your treatment as elastics work hand in hand with your braces to move your teeth and improve your bite
  • Drink plenty of water and brush your teeth 2-3 times a day
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