Free Remote Consultations with SmileMate

Girl holding smart phone to take selfie

What is SmileMate?

SmileMate is an online assessment tool that uses artificial intelligence enabling us to analyse your oral health and work out potential treatment options for you. It’s a great way to work out if treatment is right for you, and helps answer any questions you might have. Before committing to orthodontic treatment try our free remote consultations with SmileMate.

Remote Consultations using SmileMate

  • Free and super easy to use!
  • Send us some photos of your teeth via SmileMate
  • Dr De Angelis will review your photos and provide you with specialist orthodontic advice with regards to treatment and cost
  • Simply visit SmileMate and get started!

Free Online Consultations

We also offer free Online Consultations where Dr De Angelis provides a personalised treatment plan, without you having to leave your home.

Click HERE to find out more AND to book yourself a free consult!